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The Mégalithes Coast and the Gulf of Morbihan

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In the heart of Brittany, where sea and land intertwine in perfect harmony, lies a natural and historical treasure waiting to be discovered: the Mégalithes Coast, the Gulf of Morbihan, and its surrounding islands. This enchanting coastline, a cradle of legends and mysteries, is a must-visit destination for all nature and history enthusiasts. Imagine wandering among millennia-old alignments of menhirs, silent witnesses to ancient civilizations, or peacefully sailing on the waters of the Gulf of Morbihan dotted with quaint little islands. Every corner of this region invites contemplation and wonder, offering varied landscapes and unique experiences. Whether you are passionate about archaeology, a fan of water sports, or simply seeking tranquility, the Mégalithes Coast and the Gulf of Morbihan promise total immersion in authentic Brittany. Come explore these lands where time seems to stand still and be enchanted by the wild beauty and mystical atmosphere of this Breton paradise.


Discovering the Megaliths of Brittany

Carnac: An Emblematic Site

In the heart of Brittany, Carnac stands as an emblematic monument of megalithic mysteries. This world-renowned site, famous for its alignments of menhirs, offers a striking spectacle with more than 3,000 standing stones spread over several kilometers. Each menhir, erected about 7,000 years ago, seems to tell a forgotten story, a fragment of the Neolithic era when people, driven by profound beliefs, undertook these titanic constructions. Visiting Carnac is a true dive into the past, where every stone, every alignment awakens curiosity and wonder.

Locmariaquer: A Megalithic Treasure

Not far from Carnac, Locmariaquer unveils its own megalithic treasures, adding an additional dimension to the exploration of the region. The Grand Menhir Brisé, one of the most imposing ever erected, lies here in monumental fragments, testifying to the grandeur and power of the builders of yesteryear. Nearby, the Kercado tumulus and the Table des Marchands dolmen complete this immersion into the Neolithic era. Locmariaquer, with its peaceful setting and impressive monuments, invites visitors to a deep reflection on the motivations and techniques of the ancients.

Other Megalithic Sites to Visit

Brittany is not limited to Carnac and Locmariaquer for megalith enthusiasts. The island of Gavrinis, accessible only by boat, is famous for its cairn adorned with enigmatic engravings, offering a mystical and isolated experience. Erdeven, with its lesser-known but equally fascinating Kerzerho alignments, offers a more intimate exploration of the megaliths, away from the crowds. These sites scattered across the Breton landscape enrich the visitor's experience, allowing them to discover a variety of megalithic forms and sizes, each with its own story and charm.

The Mégalithes Coast is a true open-air museum where each site, each stone tells a part of Brittany's ancient history. This region offers visitors a unique opportunity to connect with the past, to walk in the footsteps of ancestors, and to feel the timeless magic that permeates these sacred places. A visit here is not just a geographical exploration but a journey through time, a meeting with the mysteries of humanity.


The Gulf of Morbihan: A Natural Paradise

 Geography and Landscapes

The Gulf of Morbihan, literally "little sea" in Breton, is a natural wonder located in southern Brittany. This inland gulf, sheltered from the tumult of the Atlantic, spans approximately 115 km² and is home to around forty islands and islets, creating a unique and picturesque landscape. Its calm, sparkling waters are bordered by rugged coastlines, salt marshes, and secret little beaches. The diversity of landscapes, where land and water mingle, offers breathtaking panoramas between lush greenery and deep marine blues. Every corner of the gulf is an invitation to contemplation, a haven of peace and beauty.

Water Sports and Cruises

The Gulf of Morbihan is a true paradise for water sports enthusiasts. The tranquil waters of the gulf are perfect for sailing, kayaking, and paddleboarding. Cruises are also a popular way to explore the gulf. Aboard traditional sailboats or pleasure boats, visitors can sail between the islands, discover secluded coves, and observe the rich marine biodiversity. Boat excursions allow close-up views of the many islands, each with its charm and history, offering an immersive and soothing experience.

Heritage and History

Beyond its natural beauty, the Gulf of Morbihan is also rich in history and heritage. The Château de Suscinio, a former residence of the Dukes of Brittany, stands proudly near the shores of the gulf, testifying to its prestigious past. The Basilica of Sainte-Anne-d'Auray, a major pilgrimage site in Brittany, attracts thousands of visitors each year seeking spirituality and cultural discovery. Vannes, the main city of the gulf, is famous for its medieval ramparts, picturesque port, and half-timbered houses. This historic city, with its cobbled streets and lively markets, is a true gem that reflects the soul of the gulf and Brittany.

The Gulf of Morbihan is a jewel of nature and culture where each island, each corner tells a story. Whether through water sports, hikes, or cultural visits, this region offers a multitude of possibilities for escape and rejuvenation. Visitors often leave with the impression of having discovered a little corner of paradise where nature and history intertwine harmoniously.


The Islands of the Gulf of Morbihan: An Enchanting Archipelago

Île-aux-Moines: The Pearl of Morbihan

The Île-aux-Moines, often nicknamed "the pearl of Morbihan," is the largest and most visited island in the gulf. Accessible in a few minutes by ferry from Port-Blanc, it offers a true change of scenery. Its paths lined with mimosas and camellias, its secret beaches, and its small coves invite strolling and relaxation. The white houses with blue shutters and flower-filled gardens give the island a bucolic and picturesque charm. Renting a bike is the best way to discover this island, where every corner reveals an enchanting landscape and a peaceful atmosphere far from urban hustle.

Île d'Arz: A Haven of Peace

Less known than its neighbor, the Île d'Arz offers an equally magical but more intimate experience. Nicknamed "the island of Captains" because of its maritime history, the Île d'Arz is a true haven of peace. Its coastal paths offer breathtaking views of the gulf and its numerous islets. Here, time seems to stand still, giving way to tranquility and contemplation. The fine sandy beaches, small forests, and green meadows create a mosaic of varied and restful landscapes. It is the ideal place for a nature getaway, far from noise and stress.

Other Islands to Discover

The Gulf of Morbihan also hosts many other islands, each with its own character and unique attractions. The Île de Berder, accessible at low tide, is a little paradise for nature lovers. Its shaded paths and viewpoints over the gulf make it a privileged spot for tranquil walks. The Île de Gavrinis, meanwhile, is famous for its prehistoric cairn, one of the most remarkable in Brittany, adorned with mysterious and fascinating engravings. Visitors can access it by boat and explore this unique archaeological site, immersed in a mystical and timeless ambiance.

Each island in the Gulf of Morbihan offers a different and enriching experience. Whether for a day of relaxation, a hike in preserved landscapes, or a historical exploration, these islands are treasures to be discovered. By visiting them, travelers can fully appreciate the diversity and beauty of this small Breton paradise where nature and history meet to create an enchanting and unforgettable setting.


The Mégalithes Coast, the Gulf of Morbihan, and their surrounding islands form a natural and historical symphony that enchants all who venture there. This corner of Brittany, where every stone, every island tells a millennial story, offers a unique experience of beauty and serenity. Whether you are passionate about archaeology, a lover of marine landscapes, or simply seeking tranquility, this region is an invitation to discovery and wonder.

To prolong this immersion in nature, the Domaine de la Bretesche welcomes you at the gates of Brittany. Nestled in a lush and historic setting, our estate is the perfect place to recharge after a day of exploration. Enjoy its luxurious comfort, relaxing spa, and refined gastronomy for an unforgettable stay.

So, let yourself be tempted by the magic of Brittany and treat yourself to an escape where nature, history, and well-being harmoniously come together. The Domaine de la Bretesche will be your haven of peace, allowing you to fully savor every moment of these Breton discoveries.

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